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The brief introduction of Dr.Liu Tiebin

In 1956,born in Zhaoyuan City,Shandong Province .

In 1987, Funded by the United Nations to take part in the agriculture and environmental protection decision support system training in Germany .

From 1988 to 1990, hosted and participated in many projects of the national agricultural development research, and won provincial awards .

In 1991, awarded with the agronomy doctorate by Agricultural University of China, lecturing the agricultural ecology course .

From 1991 to 1993, worked in Yantai government, then appointed Director of the Economic Development Department in Yantai High-tech Industrial Development Zone and the Chairman of Economic Development Corporation in the development zone .

From 1994 to 2002, as the director of the communications office of national agricultural products of new technology .

Since 1994,as the chairman of Beijing Beinong Luheng Sci-tech Development Co., Ltd, Tianjin Luheng Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd, Beijing Zhongnong Luheng Seed Science&Technology Co.,Ltd,etc .

Since 2002, the vice chairman of the association of Chinese agro-technical popularization .

Since 2010, the president of the vegetable seed branch of the Chinese seed association .

Major works: “Chinese husbandry Unit Directory Book” ” Chinese Agricultural New Product Guide Livestock sanitation manual”” Pesticide dealers manual”” Modern Management from History”, etc. Another 20 academic theses or more are published in the national-level academic journals and international academic conferences .